The Project


The project “Bulgarian Literary Classics – Knowledge for Everyone. Unknown Archives and Cultural Contexts” is being carried out by the Institute for Literature at BAS in partnership with the National Literary Museum and Sofia Library, after BG 08 Program “Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Arts”. It is financed by the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area for Free Help, the amount is EUR 192 272. (Contract № 24-10М2-13/29.05.2015)


The project aims at gathering, systematization, adding new knowledge, digitalization and preservation for the future generations of


the cultural heritage of 13 Bulgarian literary classical writers –


Petko R. Slaveykov, Ivan Vazov, Mihalaki Georgiev, Pencho P. Slaveykov, Peyo Yavorov, Eiln Pelin, Nikolay Liliev, Hristo Smirnenski, Asen Raztsvetnikov, Elisaveta Bagryana, Nikola Vaptsarov, Fany Popova-Mutafova and Dimitar Dimov, as well as at the popularization of that heritage among the wider public, the creation of free access to it and turning it into a source of information, ideas and methodological strategies for future cultural-educational products.


The project suggests


creating three digital centers for cultural heritage


in the three partner institutions and the development of an integral cultural-educational product that shall satisfy versatile public in their interest for the cultural Bulgarian heritage – audiences such as the Bulgarian public in a more general sense, students at school, specialists, social minority groups (Roma), the Bulgarian schools abroad. The product includes: web-based digital repository; website with new literary critical texts and unknown and unique archival materials; films; virtual collections; presentations; seminars; lectures, etc.


The classical authors of Bulgarian literature are represented by


unknown and unique materials from their personal literary archives –


manuscripts and printed documents, images of artifacts, photo documents, separate sheets of periodicals, materials on the cultural-historical context of their work stored at the Institute for Literature, the National Literary Museum and the Sofia Library, and by complete literary profiles including knowledge of the cultural-historical and literary context, biographical information on the authors, knowledge of their work, unique bibliographical catalogue of the publications by them and on them in the Bulgarian periodicals. An idea, complete but accessible for knowledge, is thus built. It encompasses the writers’ figures, their literary and cultural heritage, its Bulgarian and European context.


In a special section of the web-based digital repository,


a rich digital collection of the Roma culture is developed.


There one can find digitalized books, periodicals, photodocuments and other materials representative for that culture. For that purpose, a digital center for Roma culture was provided with equipment – “Roma Veritas” (it is located in the Institute for Literature) – and the Roma youths trained in the project shall work there. This is the implementation of the necessary condition of the donors of the program that 10% of the budget shall be used for the Roma community in Bulgaria.


The envisaged cultural-educational results of the project are:

  • - Preservation of the Bulgarian cultural legacy and giving the wider public free access to the knowledge of it;
  • - Educational efficiency;
  • - Contribution to the modeling of the contemporary cultural identity of the Bulgarian society;
  • - Formation of cultural and civic values;
  • - Contribution to the cultural-educational integration of minority groups (Roma);
  • - Optimization of the cultural interaction within the Bulgarian society.


Project manager: Assoc. Prof. PhD Elka Traykova from the Institute for Literature – BAS

Coordinators from the three institutions are: Assoc. Prof. PhD Penka Vatova (Institute for Literature - BAS), Katya Zografova (National Literary Museum) and Marchela Borisova (Sofia Library).




The project team is very grateful to the following contributors:





             Archives State Agency – Central State Archives                                St. St. Cyril and Methodius National Library                       Aprilov-Palauzov Regional Library – Gabrovo 






           Asen Raztsvetnikov Museum House – Draganovo                                                      Roma Versitas                                                            Acad. Hristo Kyuchukov