Photo collection IL-BAN

Photo collection IL-BAN

The photo archive of IL-BAS provides a large variety of different photographs and illustrative materials that are all stored in the archival repositories of the Institute for Literature.

The section “Bulgarian Writers and Scholars” envelops a huge number of images of authors from the Middle Ages to the present day. It presents both classical and contemporary authors, both established figures and lesser known artists. The section also includes photographs of literary scholars and linguists.

The photo archive stores a large variety of images of Western European, Russian and other writers and scholars.

The section “Others” presents versatile aspects of literary life like the following ones: homes and relatives of writers, commemorative events and anniversaries, scholarly sessions, photocopies of letters and manuscripts. The section also contains facsimiles of covers of books and magazines, and photos from performances of plays. Photographs of political figures, revolutionaries and artists of different fields are also included.

The section of unidentified photographs presents a scientific challenge of a problem that is yet to be solved.

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