June - September 2016


From June to September – Hot Summer in the Digital Centers

In the early July in the digital center Roma Versitas six students – Reneta Raynova, Hristo Hristov, Katya  Georgieva, Daniela Dimitrova, Daniela Zahova and Antoaneta Ivanova, chosen after the Spring training, started working on the digitalization and the image processing. A timetable was established where the progress was registered daily. In October some of the students will be included in the public presentation of the project and will be given the opportunity to win scholarships for their education.

The center is turning not only into a place for a student to show what he/she has learned, but also for communication between the experts working on project activities and the students who show zeal and emotional engagement with the process of digitalization.

In the digital centers of the three partner organizations the digitalization and processing of digital images are the main tasks. There is also parallel work going on and it is on input of the metadata of the digital items, on the structure of the digital repositories and on the website of the project. The articles for the profiles of the 13 classical writers are completed.