15th May 2016


The third interim report on the progress of the project was presented to the Program Operator. The reported work amounted to 50% of the planned work on 7 project activities. The work on the digitalization of cultural heritage was finished. 65% of the whole planned number of copies of cultural heritage documents were scanned – archives, photographs, periodicals, books. The number of the texts included in the writers’ profiles of the targeted classical writers had increased.

One of the achievements in that interim stage was the optimization of the work on the digitalization of cultural heritage in the newly equipped digital centers in the three partner organizations. In the Institute for Literature a digital center was created – “Roma Versitas” for digitalization of Roma culture.

The activities on attracting the public attention on the project and its goals and tasks for the period was focused on including Roma youths from Roma Versitas NGO in the training activities.