3rd July 2015


The inaugurating conference of the project was held in the Media Center of the Bulgarian National Radio at 11 a.m. At the conference, before tens of journalists from print media and electronic media, the manager of the project Assoc. Prof. Elka Traykova and the coordinators Katya Zografova from the National Literary Museum, Yulia Tsinzova from the Sofia Library, and Assoc. Prof. PhD Penka Vatova from the Institute for Literature presented different aspects of the goals, the activities and the cultural-educational effect of the project and answered the questions of the journalists. The press conference was covered by a number of media (the newspapers Presa, Duma, Dnevnik and many internet media). Several broadcasts in electronic media were held in order to present the project. The broadcasts included the participation of members of the expert and managerial team:

Interview with the project manager Assoc. Prof. PhD Elka Traykova on bTV Radio, 30th June 2015

“Literary knowledge for everyone”, Kultura, 10th July 2015

“Bulgarian Literary Classics – Knowledge for Everyone. Unknown Archives and Cultural Contexts” (Interview with Penka Vatova, Yulia Tsinzova and Katya Zografova), BNR – “Noshten horizont“, 16th July 2015

“The dying Blue writing pad of Vaptsarov – for the first time on camera. A project for creating an Internet storage will give access to our cultural heritage”, bTV, 12th July 2015

“The first literary online museum is being created”, TV7, 4th July 2015

“Archives of 13 Bulgarian classical writers will be accessible online”, Dnevnik, 29th June 2015

“Roma books and rare children's literary works are included in a new digital fund”, Dnevnik, 3th July 2015 3 юли 2015 г.

“Archives of 13 classical writers become available on the Internet”, Ploshtad Slaveykov, 24th June 2015

“Roma cultural materials of the 20th century are being searched and digitized with over € 70 000 by European project”, news.bg, 3rd July 2015

“Rescuing and preserving the national cultural heritage”, Literaturen svyat

“We are not only a book storage, but a place for musing and harmony. Interview with Yulia Tsinzova, Director of the Sofia Library”, Sega, 29th August 2015

“Conversation with Katya Zografova about the project “Bulgarian Literary Classics – Knowledge for Everyone. Unknown Archives and Cultural Contexts”, Dictum, 11th September 2015